Draft Chat With Conor Glassey

Draft Chat With Conor Glassey By Conor Glassey Print Conor Glassey: Hey everybody! Thanks for coming out. It’s never too early to talk about the draft, as far as I am concerned. This is always a fun time of year here at Baseball America. While today’s content focused on the high school side of the coin, feel free to ask about anything draft-related. I’ll chat here for about an hour before I have to get back to writing up the Mariners chapter for our Prospect Handbook. Mick (Chicago): Are there any position prospects, beside Corey Ray to see in Illinois next spring? Conor Glassey: Mick – Corey Ray was a tough cut from the list. He was on some initial versions of it, but scouts feel that he’s a bit of a tweener right now. He has a nice swing, but it’s more of a flat, line-drive swing and not one built for power. So he doesn’t have profile power for a corner outfield spot and doesn’t cover enough ground to play center field in the big leagues. Ray’s teammate Ro Coleman is a really fun little spark plug committed to Vanderbilt, but he’s another guy who would be better served going to college. Chuckie Robinson from Danville has some intriguing tools and some strength, but needs a lot of work behind the plate. RHP Zach Burdi at Downers Grove South has some arm strength, as does Andy Honiotes.
Full Article http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/draft/chat/2012/2614315.html


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