Bulletin: Significant Rule and Regulation Changes for 2013

 >  Little League Online  >  Media  >  Little League News Archive  >  2012  >  September-December  > Bulletin: Significant Rule and Regulation Changes for 2013 Bulletin: Significant Rule and Regulation Changes for 2013 Bulletin: Significant Rule and Regulation Changes for 2013 By Communications Division SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. December 20, 2012 Little League International has announced the full list of significant changes to the rules and regulations of the program. These changes will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2013. Among the new baseball regulations is description of the Little League Intermediate (50/70 Baseball Division – Note: Regulation IV (a). A list of all the significant changes, along with a summary and explanation of the changes, is below: REGULATION CHANGES Regulation I(c)(9) has been amended to read, in part: Applies to: All Divisions NOTE 1: Each year, Little League International provides each league 125 free criminal background checks that exceed the minimum standard required in this regulation. Information on how to utilize this benefit, as well as how to conduct background checks, can be found on the following Little League website: Child Protection Program NOTE 2: The United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Registry is free and available at http://www.nsopr.gov . IMPORTANT: If no sex offender registries exist in a province or country outside the United States the local league must conduct the more extensive of a country, province or city-wide criminal background check through the appropriate governmental agency unless prohibited by law. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in the suspension or revocation of tournament privileges and/or the local league’s charter by action of the Charter or Tournament Committee in Williamsport. If a local league becomes aware of information, by any means whatsoever, that an individual, including, but not limited to, volunteers, players and hired workers, has been convicted of or pled guilty to any crime involving or against a minor, the local league must contact the applicable government agency to confirm the accuracy of the information. Upon confirmation of a conviction for, or guilty plea to, a crime against or involving a minor, the local league shall not permit the individual to participate in any manner. NOTE: Information regarding background checks is available on the Little League website: Background Check Information Summary and Implementation: For the 2013 season, this modifies Note 1 and 2 to highlight the reverse in laws of four states with regards to sex offender registries, and the free criminal background checks Little League strongly recommends. Regulation II(a) has been amended to read: Applies to: Challenger Rule Book A Little League Challenger Division team should not have more than 15 players per team on its roster. Summary and Implementation:  For the 2013 season, this mandates a maximum roster size of 15 players.
Read here http://www.littleleague.org/Page59104.aspx


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